Sunday, March 28, 2010


It begins somewhere, why not here?

This blog will also provide information as to why certain problems exist at the Laramie County Sheriff's Department and what glick has done to create and prolong the problems. The only solution is to not reelect glick or one of his minions in 2010.

The number one problem at the department is leadership, more specifically a lack of it. It has existed since glick first took office in 2003 and continues to this date. The cronyism that permeates the department will also be addressed
.This blog spot is dedicated to informing the Laramie County public of the problems with the last eight years of danny glick as Laramie County Sheriff. It is painfully obvious that the local newspaper (WTE), the Cheyenne Herald, and other local media outlets are too eager to kowtow to glick.

This blog takes note of the very dedicated deputies of the Laramie County Sheriff's Department who continue to do their jobs the very best that they can and provide the essential services to the citizens of Laramie County. The comments on this blog will hopefully mean that your leadership will change later this year. You do a thankless job most of the time. Ddg thanks you for all that you do and for your professionalism in doing a job that few can or would do. Those deputies that have done their jobs without regard to political favor are to be commended; those that have used political favor will be addressed.

Remember when glick first announced his candidacy? Ddg does! glick stated that he had no experience in talking in front of people, but would have to get good at it. glick has become a master (giving him credit) of the art of telling folks what they want to hear and how they want to hear it.

Of course the deputies were also not receiving the proper training according to glick. Ddg will be showing the voting public very closely at what glick has not done for training since he was elected sheriff.
If you listen to glick when he talks, he pays very good lip service to the deputies, but then there is the real way they are treated. Ddg will talk about promotions and other topics that glick would rather that you did not hear about.

Add to that what glick has not done for the Laramie County Sheriff's Reserve Deputies, but has done to them. A special thank you from Ddg to the Reserve Deputies for all the thankless and unpaid hours that you put in.

As Ddg have regular jobs, please do not expect that the blog will be updated as quickly as you or we would like. Comments will be moderated.

Ddg will not support any specific candidate. Ddg will only tell you why you should not vote for glick. If you choose to do so after being informed, that is your choice.

We welcome comments and further information regarding items posted as well as information on other goings on at the department that need to be addressed. Any sources of information will not be disclosed.

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  1. The citizens need to know about Glick's so called honesty and professionalism. Remember the case of Latasha Boyer-Gladden versus Sheriff Glick and Deputy Bill Hill? (WY 09-102).
    Deputy Hill was fired for having sexual relations with Boyer-Gladden an inmate in the county jail that Hill was working in for Glick. She sued Glick for allowing this to happen to her while she was in his custody. Danny Boy skated on this and he was found not to be negligent in any HIRING, training or supervision.
    The fact of the matter is when Glick hired Hill a background investigation revealed inappropriate relations with female inmates in a prior detention officer job. The background investigator recommended DO NO HIRE! Well Danny boy need the help of his big bag of wind Captain Bill Long to hire him anyway for some unknown reason. Wow, then guess what happened? Somehow the district court and supreme court found him not to be negligent in the HIRING, training and supervision of this deputy. Can anyone say cover up? I wonder what happened to that background investigation? That is what Laramie county has as a supreme law enforcement officer.