Thursday, March 26, 2015

You know it would be funny

if it wasn't so stupid. Ddg knows it takes a bit to surpass some of the bright ideas that longshanks has come up with, but this one is worthy of a true Darwin finalist candidate.

Take newly hired deputies without street experience, allow them to negotiate their starting salary, and let them make more at a starting salary than the certified deputies that have been on the street for some time or are training them. Really?????

Why would that get experienced deputies upset? All is well, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain who is playing fast and loose with taxpayer money. It's in the budget.

After all, the personnel position is now run by one of the captains. No supervision there. There's not much of a step to a re-elected bumbler that only looks forward to being president of the National Sheriff's Association. Maybe a real sheriff could tell glick that is not how to run a department. No, just buy him another beer.

So now the glickster starts putting out the information that the county commissioners will be approached and see if they will give more taxpayer money for pay increases for the deputies that are now paid less than new hires due to longshanks' action. Ddg is sure that information alone will quell the disgruntled opinions being expressed and keep employees happy, happy, happy.

Look at more deputies that will be looking at leaving, not to mention those that have already left just to get away from the toxic employment that has continued to occur at the Laramie County Sheriff's Department. Remember, every time an experienced deputy (either jail or street) leaves, so does the training (taxpayer dollars) that has been put into them and the law enforcement experience that has accumulated. Some other department gets a well trained and happy to be gone deputy. It should make you (as a taxpayer) wonder why some current employees that are actively looking for law enforcement jobs elsewhere get sent to these high end training schools at taxpayer expense.

Look at the shortages of deputies on the street and in the jail. How many extra overtime hours for patrol/jail is the management up to this month in an attempt to keep a bare minimum number of deputies on the job? Does anyone in management ever consider what too many shift hours for too long a time does to the people who work for you?

Burnout, officer safety, the list can go on. Watch the downward spiral continue. Just forget about the mentality in charge.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A belated Merry Christmas

and a Happy (Safe) New Year to all of the first responders in Laramie County. Thank each and every one of you that helps keep the rest of us safe. For the many times you do not get a well deserved thank you, Thank You.

Speaking of staying safe and considering recent events, take the time to be sure that you and your partner(s) go home safe at the end of shift. Make sure that you and your equipment are in top order and prepared for whatever comes up.

As Sgt. Esterhouse used to say "Let's be careful out there."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thanks for running

A belated Thank You to Dana Kennison,  David Martin, and  Mike Tuttle who took the effort and time out of their lives to give the voters a chance to make things a lot better. Best of luck to you all in the future.

The voters have spoken for the primary. Unfortunately the majority still didn't realize that glick is certainly not the last word in law enforcement. glick's problems will stay and his solutions will not be effective. The only good part is that longshanks still has to try to solve his own problems and not leave them for a new sheriff if he wins reelection.

The incident with the trailer billboards on Storey just shows how longshanks' mind works. After he was advised that they were a violation and would have to come down in thirty days, he left them up through the primary. Someone with integrity would have had them down as soon as they were notified that the trailer billboards were a violation, but hey, when you are longshanks, you do what you want. After all, he had thirty days. Remind glick of that the next time he preaches doing the right thing all the time.

So what about the Democratic candidate for sheriff? What happens when he gets the Democratic vote along with the Republican vote that will not vote for glick?  You know there will be more than a few of them. Could be a new sheriff in town without even trying.

Wait and see, but remember to vote. Encourage others to vote. Remember, Friends don't let Friends vote for glick.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There is no substitute

for a new sheriff. (Sorry to borrow your line) So reads the ad in Traders. Nice.

Seeing the semi trailers with the picture, etc and all Ddg can say is wow. longshanks is really running scared at this point. He is investing quite a bit of money in an attempt to save his failing campaign. Sorry, but most people are seeing that for what it is.

Longshanks is running ads on the "experience" that he did not have before he was elected sheriff. glick's radio ads do not tell you that he was a failed probationary lieutenant who could not do the job and was rightfully returned to a position as sergeant. Actually it should have been back to deputy, but that's another story.

"National experience" and not an FBI National Academy graduate? Oh yes, you have to have more qualifications than a high school diploma to go to the FBI National Academy.

Also having don (one of the two, count them two patrol lieutenants) write a short propaganda piece for the wte left us laughing. Come on, is the hiring process now that bad that people get through it that are not suited for the job of law enforcement? Really???? That particular drivel coming from a person who makes noise about being the next sheriff after longshanks???

Do your research and vote.

Monday, July 28, 2014

More Travel, Less Ideas

"On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again" goes the Willie Nelson song. It could also explain why prior to an election longshanks explains his road trips as "needed."

Seriously, what has been brought back from other agencies that has been implemented that has actually worked? Most of the changes have not been a result of going and seeing what other agencies are doing. Someone else would probably get on the Internet, see what other agencies are doing, follow it up with an email and telephone calls, and voila, it is a done deal. No pesky travelling, drinking beer at county expense, and telling people how good you are. It's a safe bet that glick doesn't even notice when he is being laughed at because he is too full of himself.

You have a real chance to make a difference in the primary election. Look at the candidates, do your homework, and be an educated voter. However if you want to believe what is fed to you by glick and the local media without question, well that is your choice.

Actually some of the recent changes at the department were already suggested by a another candidate for sheriff. Seems as though longshanks paid attention to this candidate's ideas and implemented them as his own. That is easily shown if any local media looked into it ,but "silence-cricket noises-silence" from the local media. They can't really do anything that makes their chosen one look bad, now can they?


Well, now the primary is up and coming. Seeing signs for three other candidates, not including the simpleton running for reelection. Do your research and find a candidate that you want to be sheriff. Then go out and do something to get that person elected.

Several reports coming in about people that are being "pushed" or "persuaded" to put up signs for glick. Seems as though longshanks (and his supporters) would know better than to twist arms to get re-election signs put up. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth, but then again when you are the almighty sheriff the rules do not apply to you (or so you think). Unfortunately longshanks, the rules do apply to you and as the word spreads, hopefully more will discard those signs that they really did not want put up.

Friday, April 25, 2014

When You Can't Play the Race Card, You Play the Children Card

When you play the "for the children card" (much like the "race" card), it shows how little that you actually have to run on. Talk about an overplayed card by Democrats, how can anyone be against something or someone that is "for the children" routine? Kind of brings a tear to your eye (or at least to longshanks' eyes) or "a little choked up" according to the local rag. To most folks, if it sounds like BS and smells like BS, it is BS.

The "continue to travel around the country and meet with other law enforcement agencies to find and share techniques and best practices to help his office stay current." If this is the case, I guess the department is at the "cutting edge" with ALL the improvements he's implemented ???  Welllllllll let's just say glick is much more interested in being the president of the National Sheriff's Association and taking vacations on the taxpayer's dime.

longshanks complains about "maintaining staffing levels and maintaining staffing levels as veteran deputies retire." How many "veteran deputies" have retired lately? A better question would be how many experienced deputies have left for better pay or working conditions. How many have been fired or pushed out since you took office? How about getting the money that they need and provide a working environment that does not cause them to go to other agencies to get better pay and a much less hostile working environment. How many deputies have you either pushed out or fired without cause in the last four years alone? How much has this cost the taxpayer?

How's those special promotions working out for you? You have your bloated administration, but with a new sheriff, most can be gone and the money used to provide jail or street deputies that are needed.

"About 100 people.....including former county sheriff's...."Ddg can only think of one former county sheriff from Laramie County that would be enough of a loser (eh, pat?) to show up. The others must have been drinking buddies from out of county. ".....current sheriff's deputies, county employees .."
and how many were on the county payroll clock, showing up to pad the supporter count?

And another one "continuity of the agency" meaning the present lack of leadership will continue for another four years? It would be funny if it were not so sad and dangerous for all involved..