Friday, April 25, 2014

When You Can't Play the Race Card, You Play the Children Card

When you play the "for the children card" (much like the "race" card), it shows how little that you actually have to run on. Talk about an overplayed card by Democrats, how can anyone be against something or someone that is "for the children" routine? Kind of brings a tear to your eye (or at least to longshanks' eyes) or "a little choked up" according to the local rag. To most folks, if it sounds like BS and smells like BS, it is BS.

The "continue to travel around the country and meet with other law enforcement agencies to find and share techniques and best practices to help his office stay current." If this is the case, I guess the department is at the "cutting edge" with ALL the improvements he's implemented ???  Welllllllll let's just say glick is much more interested in being the president of the National Sheriff's Association and taking vacations on the taxpayer's dime.

longshanks complains about "maintaining staffing levels and maintaining staffing levels as veteran deputies retire." How many "veteran deputies" have retired lately? A better question would be how many experienced deputies have left for better pay or working conditions. How many have been fired or pushed out since you took office? How about getting the money that they need and provide a working environment that does not cause them to go to other agencies to get better pay and a much less hostile working environment. How many deputies have you either pushed out or fired without cause in the last four years alone? How much has this cost the taxpayer?

How's those special promotions working out for you? You have your bloated administration, but with a new sheriff, most can be gone and the money used to provide jail or street deputies that are needed.

"About 100 people.....including former county sheriff's...."Ddg can only think of one former county sheriff from Laramie County that would be enough of a loser (eh, pat?) to show up. The others must have been drinking buddies from out of county. ".....current sheriff's deputies, county employees .."
and how many were on the county payroll clock, showing up to pad the supporter count?

And another one "continuity of the agency" meaning the present lack of leadership will continue for another four years? It would be funny if it were not so sad and dangerous for all involved..

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just Another Sign of How Not

to act in public, but what do you expect from a stumblebum?????

At a funeral in January held on base, there was a gathering of those that knew or worked with Reserve Sergeant Dyle Channel. Dyle was a great person, both on and off the reserve time. Thanks for your service sir, it was greatly appreciated.

As the time for the service approached, longshanks made his "entrance" and all eyes turned towards him. longshanks began to greet those in attendance, moving down the row of seats shaking hands with everyone. Then he stopped, gave a hard look, and certainly no handshake extended to a current reserve before moving on. This lack of recognition and total disrespect was very apparent to anyone who was there. Of course, the reserve had no idea what had precipitated this and questions were later asked.

The word from above was that this reserve had been reportedly going to be speaking with the local newspaper about longshanks' ineffective and degrading use of the reserve deputy program. Anyone that knows this particular reserve would have known that this report was not true at all. That is not how he does things. (And of course, you know as well that the local newspaper is totally in lockstep with the glickster.) But longshanks, in his infinite stupidity, does something in public that he cannot deny or retract. This act of stupidity cost Laramie County a very dedicated reserve deputy. Thank you to this reserve deputy for your many years of volunteer service, it was a golden gift to the citizens of Laramie County.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another Election Year

Welcome to 2014 with another election year upon us. Will anything change at 1910 Pioneer???? Think about longshanks looking down on you from one of the newer electronic billboards (sorry, Ddg should have warned before you got that mental image) being politically correct and telling you what a fine job he does. Does this remind you of anyone in DC?

Not likely time for a change as glick must be re-elected to fulfill his current fantasy dream of being el presidente of the National Sheriff's Association.That will give him another excuse (not that he needs one) to be gone from the office.

Who would run against him? Whoever it is would have a long rebuilding ahead. Who in their right mind would want to look at it? The amount of incompetence that has been "promoted" and now has a say in the future promotions is scary to say the least. Of course the current undersheriff and captain positions are appointed so they could leave without any fanfare. A new and actually competent sheriff could run the patrol side without an undersheriff. He would need one captain and one lieutenant that could actually do their job as was done before glick was elected. Remember when glick made a big deal about the prior administration being top heavy with less staff than he has now? "Pay no attention to the man behind the screen. Look, a shiny object." What does that make him, besides a hypocrite?

Dispatch, under the lack of leadership from crumpton (a longshanks' favorite), has continued to spiral downward and dropped to a new low. Yes, Ddg knows that his immediate bosses are the county commissioners, but he would not have been "appointed" there without glick. The dispatchers that want to do the job the right way are not allowed to do it. The general public, when they call in for assistance, get the proverbial twenty questions asked before being assisted. That seems to be the current policy, not the individual dispatchers choice. 

What of the short staffing on the street? Does a lack of experience and personnel on the street contribute to a PUBLIC and an officer safety problem? You bet it does. So how far up the chain of command do you go before you find someone that okays a short (lack of personnel on the street) schedule that they should not even consider in the first place. Someone again that was "promoted" beyond their knowledge and ability level and not able to fulfill their job functions. Someone that is obviously not being supervised.

By the way, once the administration tells you that you are fired (without the required hearing) in writing and then are told you are not really fired, can we have the county get ready to write a big check? Not to worry, it's a personnel matter that cannot be commented on. Look for another large taxpayer payout.

In the recent sergeant promotions, the deputies with the years of experience on the street did not test. They know that they would not get the slot because they are not in "favor" with the administration.

One sergeant who was appointed and now will be retiring, has come to realize that he is no longer "one of the in crowd."  When you swim with sharks, eventually you will get bit, right B? It was alright when you were doing the biting at command and it was not you getting bit, wasn't it?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

With Thanks

To All the First Responders,

Once again, Ddg thanks each and everyone of you for the service you do for the citizens of Laramie County. It may seem at times that you and the sacrifices that you make are not appreciated, but remember that they are.

Be safe over this holiday season for yourselves and loved ones.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Latest Anointments

Just some things from the last few months to ponder. Once again glick shows that it is who you know as the only thing that really counts at the sheriff's department in the promotion cycle.

No testing, just blatant notifications of promotions because, well I'm the sheriff and will promote whom I choose. It used to be that just the captain slots were that way. Now it appears that every promotion will be.

That could be a point in a new sheriff's administration as to certain promotions being valid or political.

As to the promotions to captain, some questions come to mind. Wasn't the new patrol captain the same lieutenant that did the botched internal investigation on Ken Cook? The one that got thrown out at district court level because Cook hired an attorney that pushed his case outside the local Laramie County "good old boys" court system? How much is that costing the taxpayers of Laramie County? Or does that go under win some, lose some?

The latest anointed  patrol lieutenant still carries his prior baggage with him. He was not known as an overly efficient street deputy, definitely not a good sergeant, but still a legend in his own mind. Is he still looking for everyone to do him harm every time? Are there any new, undeserved awards to speak of? Remember, he was (and still is) a favorite of the new patrol captain (who had wanted him in that position the last time it came open).

Now you don't test for the sergeant position. The latest anointment to sergeant speak volumes. Why bother putting on the charade of a test when it will be who you know  and what they think of glick that gets you the position. The only good part is that they will be known as a political hack, nothing more. Most people would want to be remembered as better than that.

How long will this go on? At least until another sheriff takes over. And then what? A new sheriff will have his hands full dealing with the incompetence in supervision that has been left behind, assuming they stay.

But as long as longshanks turns on the charm, smiles at the right time, empathizes with whomever he talks to, and generally spreads his bullshit as far and wide as he can, don't look for the uninformed voters to change in the next election. Look for glick to start showing up in public to be sure that he is seen.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Ddg would like to thank all the first responders for their service this year and also wish them and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Be safe and continue to watch out for each other.

The citizens of Laramie County can sleep safely thanks to those of you that man that thin line. You do not hear it often enough and Ddg knows that words are not enough, but Thank You, each and every one!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Did You Expect?

Of course there is a problem. There is always a problem when the lower ranks see what the sheriff does or does not do and uses that as their barometer of what to do or not do.

After all when the elected sheriff does what he wants (and there has been a lot of documentation for that) and when he wants, why should anyone do differently?

One lieutenant leaves rather than go through the investigation. Another lieutenant that was put on administrative leave resigned. You know, the one that left before and came back to work at the jail as a sergeant. That shows you glick's direct hand in hiring and promoting who he wants. He wasted little time "kissing" his way up. You have other deputies involved in the same mess. Other employees knew, but didn't act, possibly fearing retaliation from the administration. You have a captain that should have known about the situation, but apparently did nothing. Now he is on the hot seat too.

That lays the problem right on glick's desk. What he should have known and when should he have known it? It is glick's administration and his lack of leadership by example. Just another glaring failure for the National Sheriff's Association to ignore. Well, when this story comes out fully (as it will, bet on that), it will be interesting to see what type of spin longshanks tries to put on it. Look for smoke and mirror comments like:

Uhhh I didn't know................
Nothing in the past to indicate..........
As soon as I found out, gosh folks..............................

Will charges be filed? Or will everything be covered up in house with resignations, etc? More importantly, will other prior victims come forward with information once this becomes common knowledge to the general public? Ddg is already aware of at least one prior incident in 2005.

How much will this cost the taxpayers of Laramie County? Oh yeah, it's only insurance money (self-insured/taxpayer/YOUR) that covers it, kind of like obama money.

Nothing here to see folks, keep moving along.